Friday, 02 June 2023


Award-Winning credibility

Searl Derman, founder of SPR receiving an award from the Minister and Deputy Minister of Tourism, for Best Economic Impact by a large tourism establishment in South Africa; promoting the local economic development of communities and ensuring industry sustainability.
SPR ambassador, Hunter Mitchell, receiving the 2016 Steve Irwin Visionary Wildlife Warrior Award in Australia.

Our Goal

Our organisation has and its members have won the most prestigious South African and International Awards for responsible tourism.

Mr. Searl Derman CEO Saving Private Rhino Organisation
  • The Saving Private Rhino initiative relies on a cohesive strategy incorporating an intensive real-time communications campaign to raise awareness and build support both locally and globally.
  • The Saving Private Rhino initiative is being established to ensure the future conservation of Africa’s rhino and wildlife heritage, by providing the most comprehensive integrated anti-poaching solution free to every private game reserve in Africa that cannot afford to defend its wildlife.

Your rhino deserves the best chance at survival and we are offering you free support. Let us help you. Should you not require our services, you are welcome to support us by donating to our programme.

It is very expensive and a time consuming operation to save orphaned rhino. They require 24 hour security and care, specialised milk, constant monitoring and a strict hygiene regimen. Let us do this for you or let us train your staff to care for the orphaned rhino, allowing them the best chance of survival.