Time is Running Out for South Africa’s Rhinos

After decades of poaching and an increasing loss of habitat, It’s no secret that time is running out for South Africa’s rhinos. Today, the future of rhinos in southern Africa continues to hang in the balance, with a new study painting a grim picture if we fail to address the threat of climate change. Highlighted on […]

How South Africa Almost Lost the White Rhino

In 2023, when talking about the Southern White rhino (Ceratotherium simum simum), the term “conservation success story” is hard to imagine amidst our country’s ongoing struggles against rhino poaching. However, less than a century ago, these remarkable creatures were brought back from the brink of extinction, climbing from fewer than 100 individuals in the early […]

Ian Player: A Life Dedicated to Conservation

Conservation Pioneer and Operation Rhino Legend, Dr. Ian Player Ian Cedric Audley Player was born on 15 March 1927, in Johannesburg, South Africa. A globally recognised conservation legend, Dr Ian Player was a pioneer, a visionary and an activist who has profoundly influenced conservation and changed the lives of countless people. He grew up in […]

Why Must We Save Rhinos?

Imagine standing on the African savanna, the sun warming your face as you watch a southern white rhino lumber past. You marvel at its thick hide, powerful horns, and lumbering gait – a living fossil from a bygone era. But rhinos are more than just magnificent relics; they’re silent architects, shaping the very land they […]

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