Dead Rhinos
Time since last death (hrs)
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Our Goal

The Saving Private Rhino initiative relies on a cohesive strategy incorporating an intensive real-time communications campaign to raise awareness and build support both locally and globally.


The Saving Private Rhino initiative is being established to ensure the future conservation of Africa’s rhino and wildlife heritage, by providing the most comprehensive integrated anti-poaching solution free to every private game reserve in Africa that cannot afford to defend its wildlife.


Our Story

After preventing two previous poaching attempts, Aquila was hit by a horrific poaching incident that saw three of our rhinos attacked on Saturday 20 August 2011.  One survived, while two succumbed to their gruesome injuries.  We believe that our anti-poaching teams interrupted the poachers; we know this based on our findings early that Saturday morning.  ABSA was found still alive with his front horn removed, while the smaller back horn was left half hacked off. The female rhino was found heavily tranquilised, but still alive with her horns intact.

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