Saving Private Rhino


In the event of a rhino emergency or poaching attack, our Saving Private Rhino team and wildlife veterinarians will respond with lifesaving assistance. The SPR team are able to offer the following services to Private Game Reserves across South Africa, free of charge:


Expert Rhino Carer

An expert rhino carer will be dispatched immediately to your reserve

Reconstructive Surgery

Lifesaving, reconstructive surgery by leading veterinary surgeons at our facility

Rhino Transportation

Free transportation of orphaned rhinos to our safe and secure rhino orphanage

S.P.R. is a NON-PROFIT Organisation

Registration number: 2004/011009/08, Saving Private Rhino is a Section 21, non-government organisation that’s dedicated to the conservation and protection of rhinos, while providing anti-poaching support in the Western Cape, South Africa.

World Rhino Day

22 September 2024

Join the fight on World Rhino Day 2024! Become part of something truly extraordinary and help make a REAL difference in South Africa’s plight to save our critically endangered rhinos and endangered wildlife from the brink of extinction.


Saving Private Rhino

Saving Private Rhino was born from tragedy. Founded in 2011 after a horrific poaching attack, our team were driven by desperation to help save and protect South Africa’s remaining rhinos from the brink of extinction. Join us as we rewrite the future, where every rhino saved becomes a victory in this ongoing war.

Anti-Poaching Courses

Poaching threatens the very existence of Africa’s wildlife. Saving Private Rhino (SPR) equips you with the skills and knowledge to prevent poaching attempts and protect your reserve. Our comprehensive and innovative anti-poaching training courses are designed specifically for private game reserves and rangers across Southern Africa.

Educating A Way Forward

Education is a powerful weapon in the fight against wildlife poaching, especially when it comes to the plight of Africa’s endangered rhinos. By creating awareness about the importance of rhinos and their crucial role in our world, we can dispel harmful myths and build a future where rhinos not only survive, but thrive.

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