Our Story

A Tragic Turning Point

On Saturday 20 August 2011, we experienced a devastating poaching incident that shook us to the core. Three of our beloved rhinos fell victim to ruthless poachers. Two of them tragically lost their lives, succumbing to their horrific injuries, while one rhino miraculously survived. 

Saving the Western Cape's First Rhino

ABSA, the sole survivor, displayed unparalleled resilience despite the gruesome poaching attack. He held a significant place in our hearts, being the first rhino reintroduced back into the Western Cape after trophy hunters caused their regional extinction for nearly 250 years. In the face of such adversity, we were determined to do everything possible to save ABSA’s life.

Rhino Rescue Centre

Our team immediately sprang into action, administering life-saving antidotes to ABSA and witnessing his remarkable recovery. We knew that time was of the essence, and to ensure ABSA’s survival, we made the bold decision to relocate him to a temporary boma at Aquila’s Animal Rescue and Conservation Centre (ARC) located opposite the reserve.

Support From The Community

The task of building a temporary boma was no small feat, but we were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from both companies and the public. Donations of funds, equipment, and services flooded in, illustrating the collective determination to protect this incredible creature. Moving a 1.8-tonne rhino under a combination of stress and sedation presented immense challenges. However, we understood that this step was vital for ABSA’s recovery and well-being. The controlled environment of the temporary boma allowed us to provide him with the best possible treatment options.

Our Commitment

Saving Private Rhino is committed to multiple, ongoing operations aimed at protecting and conserving Africa’s endangered rhinos. Through anti-poaching initiatives, rescue operations, and community outreach programmes, we strive to create a world where these magnificent creatures can not only live in a safe and natural environment, but thrive.

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Every individual has the power to make a difference. By supporting Saving Private Rhino, you become a vital part of our mission to secure a brighter future for Africa’s rhinos and their rightful place in the wild.

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