What We Offer

In the event of a rhino emergency, our dedicated Saving Private Rhino staff and specialist veterinarians are able to offer, FREE OF CHARGE, the following services to game reserves throughout South Africa:

Expert Rhino Carer

A experienced rhino carer will be dispatched immediately to your reserve.

Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery by a leading wildlife veterinary surgeon (free of charge at our facility).

Rhino Transportation

Free transportation of the orphaned rhino calves to our safe and secure rhino orphanage.


Although we operate throughout South Africa, our facility is situated in the Western Cape, which has the least amount of poaching incidences in South Africa. In the Cape, there are no subsistence meat poachers, nor the millions of snares (which kill indiscriminately) that have been set throughout rural Africa by bush meat poachers.

The Reality

White rhinos (Ceratotherium simum) are the most populous of the world's five rhino species, with approximately 16,803 spanning across 11 countries throughout Africa. Black rhinos, the other rhino species native to Africa, (Diceros bicornis), can currently be found across 12 countries in Africa, totalling an estimated 6,487 individuals.

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