Anti-Poaching Course

Searl Derman, the founder of Saving Private Rhino, is proud to launch the first in a series of anti-poaching training courses, designed to equip game rangers and security teams with professional and reactive anti-poaching tactics.

How much does the course cost?

This 8-day course, which is usually priced at R8950.00, will be offered free of charge to one member from private reserves that are home to rhinos. Derman clarified, “Funding for the training will be sourced from donations to our Saving Private Rhino campaign or from my own pocket, but I will do everything I can to ensure no one has to ever again experience the death of a butchered rhino.”

What does the course teach?

The primary goal of the course is to empower qualifying students to implement basic security systems and train other staff members upon their return to their lodges. Searl Derman is committed to training two rangers from every game reserve in the country, striving to ensure that private reserves can independently safeguard their wildlife.

Where is the anti-poaching course held?

Held at the Saving Private Rhino training facility in Touws River, the course instructors boast extensive experience from their years of active duty in Special Forces reconnaissance, and their expertise in anti-poaching tactics spans across South Africa.

What are the course requirements?

To be eligible, applicants must be reasonably fit and healthy, possess a clean criminal record with no history of conservation crimes, and work for an establishment that has rhinos registered with Nature Conservation.

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